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Here's HGVC's rental program for our units.

  • HGVC's commission is 40% of the amount shown on the rental rate sheet
  • The owner cannot "exchange, rent, use or otherwise commit" their unit after they sign this sheet.
  • If your unit doesn't rent, thee owner receives no compensation.
  • The owner is responsible for their yearly fees regardless.
Our fees for PH were $1,189.67 for each of our weeks (13 & 14).  Hilton's rental rate for our unit for those weeks is $3,000.00 per week.  Their 40% commission would be $1,200.00 leaving us $1,800.00 in rental income.  $1,800.00 less our yearly fees would give us a net return of $610.33.

Given that these weeks will rent (prime time), the question is whether we could rent them on our own for more than $1,800.00 and if it's worth the effort.  Last year we attempted to rent at PH during our stay and I think the going rate was around $2,500.00 and they all rented.

I think this becomes a crap shoot the 'less prime' the weeks are.  I'd be hard pressed to sign our Plantation Bay Villas week over to HGVC.  I think the odds of their renting it are low and if we'd still owe our fees.  I'd rather maintain control over that unit. 

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Reebop, I agree with you.  I haven't seen any evidence of HGVC's marketing efforts.  Futhermore, during peak season, I don't know if they have a week minimum or not.  If not, they very well might rent it for a few days, if at all.  They have placed the liability totally on the owner, yet the owner has no control whatsoever. 

Thank goodness for Hans' site.  Sorry to see that there are owners who want to rent their units for rock bottom prices, but that's their choice.  It hurts other timeshare owners and the resort.  I have the sense demand is building again.  Of course, we still have people who ask us if the resort has opened again after the hurricane. 

Here's to a good year!         

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reebop, CB.

I agree the HGVC policy is outrages.  Your best alternative is to trade to a better resort any where in the world tthrough II and to a better time.  It's easy, I have done it.
I think that is an easier and better and much cheaper alternative than a Hans site transaction or purchase.
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